Flexi Desk Citizenship

  • Pay month by month
  • Is technically ‘hot-desking’. There will always be a desk for you, however it may be a different desk each day and you cannot leave your belongings
  • Have your own access anytime 24/7
  • Boardroom access (fair use policy)
  • Super fast wireless internet
  • Access to kitchen facilities
  • Access to printing, scanning & copying facilities
  • Front Window Logo – (Optional for additional cost at Prospect)
  • Support from the Community Manager
  • Secure locker with key (Prospect)
  • Unique collaboration opportunities with other permanent and casual residents
  • Promotion of your service offering via our social media, website and relationship with the City of Prospect
  • Invitations to community, networking and business development events
0421 910 097 [email protected]
Little City Studio

Little City Studio

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