About Coworking

Coworking revolves around the concept that even if you’re working on your own that doesn’t mean you need to be alone. 

Hiring a work space and sharing some common facilities is a cost effective and productive way to do your work.  For many people, working from home doesn’t provide the right work-life separation or productivity and becomes socially isolating. Having a designated place to ‘do work’ in a coworking environment not only breeds productivity, it also provides a higher level of professionalism and happiness for you and your business.

About Little City

Little City is a unique coworking space. We have two locations being Prospect and Unley. Both are just five minutes drive from the centre of Adelaide in South Australia.

Work for yourself, not by yourself.

We've built a community of residents across two locations who have outgrown their home office or who simply prefer to work in an environment with a bit of buzz.

Benefits of working at Little City:

  • Join a community of motivated people that are all creating or apart of something amazing
  • Access high speed NBN internet
  • Flexible working spaces – offices, desks, couches, boardroom
  • Open, airy and beautiful natural light with lots of indoor greenery  
  • Plentiful free parking close by
  • Surrounded by outstanding coffee, food and retail outlets

If this sounds like just the right place for you, then get in touch here to come and visit.